Thursday, September 28, 2006

In all my years as a teenager I never did this to my parents....

Guess what I've been doing for the past almost 2 hours? Waiting for my oldest kid to get home.

We gave him permission to ride the bus home with a friend today and he was supposed to be home by 6:30. It's now 8:20.

I used to have the phone number of the people he is with, but now I can't find it.

We only have one car and today of all days I had my husband take it to work, which probably only happens 1 out of 30 times he works. So, no car.

And no phone call from my kid.

This is where mothers start to imagine the worst. Has my child been abducted? Has he run away from home? Has there been a car accident?

So I've been stressed out and on the verge of tears for the past hour wondering where he is and trying to get all the other kids to bed.

And now he has just walked in. "Sorry I'm a bit late."

Yeah, you will be.

(and no, he had no good excuse. Just didn't think it was important to get home on time or call. He's in deep doodoo for this one.....)


Katy said...

Ooooo...that one is scary! Somehow I think you'll dole out the proper punishment to make him think twice before he ever pulls that again!

Mimi said...

Gulp. I did do that to my parents. Eeeek.

I'm so sorry, Dolly.

rmgales said...

I remember those nights so well! As a mother of a 27 year old, my daughter pulled this one me several times. You may want to invest in a couple of cell phones with a family plan. Your son won't have an excuse for not calling, and you will be able to reach him 24/7.