Saturday, October 15, 2011

Growing Up

My babies are getting bigger by the day. My oldest is graduated, working now, and last night talked to me about possibly moving out. He's excited, but also nervous and wondering what the coming changes will be like, and what's on the unknown side of life where he isn't a child in his parents' home.

My daughter is in high school and already attuned to the fact that all of her senior friends will be going away in a few months. I remember how emotional that felt.

My third child is off on the youth group camping trip this weekend. Excited and nervous, he told me, "I've never been on a camping trip without Dad before!"

The three "Little Boys" as we started calling them when they were like a pack of puppies, 3 born in under 3 years, are getting taller, more capable, smarter, and looking older every day. I don't have any "little" boys here any more.

When I see adorable wooden puzzles and building sets, my first instinct is that maybe I would want to buy it for Christmas or a birthday. Then I remember that we've pretty well outgrown those things here. Good thing I have nieces with young children.

They are growing up. Life is good. We're doing fine.