Thursday, May 27, 2010

Floatie Swim Suit Safety Alert

I wrote this post several years ago, and now dig it out every year and re-post to share with people each summer.

We have an Easy Set pool at our house. It's a pretty big one, and we have floatation swim suits for our three youngest boys to wear, although we keep the pool shallow enough that all of them can walk around in it and still have their heads above water. Last year when I bought the suits the baby was one and the better quality suits did not come in his size, so I got a cheaper one, which he had continued to wear this year.
The other day the kids were playing in the pool while my husband and I sat on the deck watching them and chatting. Our youngest, who is now 2, lost his footing in the pool and very quickly was floating face down in the water. Fortunately my husband saw it right away and got to him within just a few seconds, so everything turned out ok.


The problem is that this suit was not designed to flip a child over onto their back if they needed to rely on the floatation! Our baby was helpless, face down in the water. He would have actually been safer with no suit on at all, since he would have been able to stand to his feet after losing his footing.

It only takes a very few moments for a little one to drown. I am so thankful we were right there with our eyes on the pool happenings.

We tossed out that suit and today I went and bought him one of the better ones, that are designed to keep a kid floating on their backs. Here is the difference between the two suits:

The kind that flips a child onto their back has a float in the front of the suit that is longer than the one in the back.

The kind of suit that put my baby into the pool face first is a kind that is designed for children who need a floatie while learning to swim. The floats are all around the suit and are the same size all the way around.

Just thought someone else might appreciate the reminder. Go check and see if your little one's floatie suits will flip them to their backs in their moment of need.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Danced Til Our Feet Went Numb

My husband turned 40 on Sunday and I threw him a big bash, complete with DJ, lights, lots of guests, and tons of fun. Our theme was Dance Til Your Feet Go Numb, thanks to our love of Family Force 5's music. Here are a few photos from the evening:

Me (complete with hair that lost the battle with humidity) and my birthday man:

My husband and our daughter dancing together:

Several boys (the two kids on the outside aren't ours, the three in the middle are):

Our youngest, looking cool with his glow sticks. We had two talented photographers that caught some cool shots for us:

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I am seriously contemplating the potential merits of getting rid of half of our stuff. In most categories, I think it could be done....

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Indian Summer

Sometimes I have women that are older than me (maybe 50+) tell me that getting older is great because they spend so much less time worrying about what others think of them, and more time enjoying being themselves. Happily, I am already experiencing some of that. (I look forward to getting better at it)

I found out about this poem today and thought it went along with the sentiment and gave me a chuckle. I think it can apply across many people, not just passing lads. :)

Indian Summer

In youth, it was a way I had
To do my best to please,
And change, with every passing lad,
To suit his theories.

But now I know the things I know,

And do the things I do;
And if you do not like me so,
To hell, my love, with you!

Dorothy Parker