Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Biggest, Baddest Item on the Plagues and Nuisances List is DONE

Today I started a post talking about a difficult situation that has been waiting for my attention since November. I have felt sick about this situation and felt unsure how to handle it. Today while I was writing about it, I decided that dealing with it could not be worse than continuing to think about it any more. Plus, I had already started forming a comfort level with where I felt I was going with the response.

I got it done. I am satisfied with what I said. I am hopeful that what I had to say will resolve the high-stress of the situation. I am very pleased to be done with that. Now if I could quit shaking things would really be good...

(it usually takes my physical body quite some time to catch up with what I've decided in my brain)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mixed Bag

Some people are just exhausting. Thankfully, some can be filtered out of life. Others cannot, and so they remain on the plate we call life, dragging around behind us like so many bricks.

Forward motion on one front means that at least three other areas are laying on their side in the ditch.

Life is overloaded with sweet abundance as well as heavy responsibility. Thankfully we have encouraging days that make us feel like we can keep juggling it all.