Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Biggest, Baddest Item on the Plagues and Nuisances List is DONE

Today I started a post talking about a difficult situation that has been waiting for my attention since November. I have felt sick about this situation and felt unsure how to handle it. Today while I was writing about it, I decided that dealing with it could not be worse than continuing to think about it any more. Plus, I had already started forming a comfort level with where I felt I was going with the response.

I got it done. I am satisfied with what I said. I am hopeful that what I had to say will resolve the high-stress of the situation. I am very pleased to be done with that. Now if I could quit shaking things would really be good...

(it usually takes my physical body quite some time to catch up with what I've decided in my brain)

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