Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back At It

I had a few days off from my workouts due to kids being off from school on the same days my husband had to work, etc. So, today I begudgingly got back at it. I would have rather slept all day or something slothful like that, but of course was glad that I pressed on and went anyhow. I do not like to exercise but fortunately the people that go to the fitness center at the same time I go are very fun and everybody encourages everybody else. It's a little like Cheers when Norm would walk in and everybody shouted, "NORM!" I get that (only they don't call me Norm) so it's a big motivator to show up.

One guy that's there every day is the husband of one of the ladies in my book group. He is recovering from a stroke and goes frequently and stays for hours working and walking. He actually has a chart up on the wall that shows the mileage to walk from Moscow to Berlin (it also has a photo of military tanks). He keeps track of the miles he walks and is rocking out to bagpipe music as he walks from Moscow to Berlin. (former military man, of course)

I love it that I live in a small town where everybody takes an interest in Jack's walk, Every time he gets off the treadmill he'll announce how much farther he has to go. "155 miles!" he'll shout triumphantly. I don't think very many swanky city or even suburb workout joints would let Jack stick his tank-and-mileage paper on the wall in front of the treadmill to inspire him every day. I wouldn't want to trade this place...

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