Sunday, August 10, 2008


Skipped church both because I wasn't feeling that great, and because I would have had to go alone (husband was working), and keep all six kids with me for a 90 minute meeting afterward. No thank you.

Waited to hear from a potential new web host, since my web sites are down thanks to my web host being completely MIA. Potential host did not call. So then I called the other company I was considering, and when push came to shove they were not going to give me the service that I was told I would get when I talked to someone there last night. Which caused me to not be sure what I want to do. So now I have had no web sites working for over 3 days, and I am not entirely sure what to do about it. At this point I'm too tired to make a decision, so it's another day of no web site while I try to figure it out.

We rescued a dog from the road in front of out house. It was just standing in the road, not even making an effort to move when cars would slow down and go around it. We went outside to call to the dog and see what we could do to help it. The poor thing stayed in the road and did not seem to want to come to us. It was getting toward dark and we felt sure that she would be hit by a car soon if we didn't make her get off the road. So we fashioned a leash with a child's belt, and got her to our yard. Gave her some water and got a donation of dog food from our next door neighbor.

This poor dog looks to be about 6 months old, and is extremely thin. She does not react toward us with any aggression at all, and although a little timid, doesn't seem like she's been abused. Looks like just a case of severe neglect. The poor thing. :( Initially I was going to call the dog warden, but once we got a better feel for what she was like, I felt that she would probably be put down right away because of how sick and weak she seems to be. We decided to feed her and keep her in our fenced back yard overnight, and see what we can do for some medical care/evaluation for her tomorrow morning. The kids are hopeful that fate has brought them a doggie......

One of our neighbors was driving by while we were leading the dog home. He stopped and told my husband that he had witnessed what looked to be a truck dropping off the dog in the road near our home. All I can say is that I hope we can get this dog healthy and safe. She seems to be very sweet.

I always feel so sorry for animals, having to live at the mercy of the humans around them. Obviously this dog was not well cared for wherever she was before tonite, so I'm just going to believe that if we can get her healthy, that her life can only improve.

So now it is 11:33pm. I'm a homeschooling mom about to not get enough sleep. I'm a business owner without my web sites. And tomorrow I need to figure out how to get medical care for a dog that's not mine, with money I don't really have.

Try not to be jealous. ok?

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SiouxsieQ said...

Hey, you're on my mind and in my prayers today! Thank you for your sweet compassion that comes through in so many ways. You are a gem!