Friday, August 01, 2008

The Painting Saga Continues

Last week I told you about the bad case of Painter's Remorse I was having, after trying out an orangey color on the walls. Since then the creamsicle color has been on one wall, and the green on another.

Recently I found one of those color sample brochures at Walmart with a yellow that looked like exactly what I wanted. Warm and friendly. Yeah.

So I went to WM yesterday to buy a gallon of it to try out.

And there was nobody at the paint center.

So I walked over to the photo area and asked them to call somebody for me.

Which they did.


And nobody came.

So I walked out of Walmart with my paint sample

and promptly drove to Lowe's where I asked them to find a match for me. Easy-peasy.

So last night my husband put some of the yellow up.

And know what?

We don't like it!

For whatever reason, it's just not the right thing. It's a really light yellow. More like a baby's room pastel yellow. I was looking for a deeper yellow than leans a *little bit* toward orange or gold.

Alas, it was not to be.

But, heck--we bought a gallon of it. Might as well put it to use!

Today I have single-handedly painted most of the walls in our upstairs, simply to cover up all of the dirt and smudges and dried boogers and dents and dings. A very good use for a stray can of yellow paint, methinks.

We'll call it the base coat, ok?

So at least things can feel fresh while we continue our quest for The Perfect Yellow.

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Marilyn said...

Try getting the little sample cans they have and try it out before you buy a gallon. That helped me alot when chosing my colors.