Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Serendipitous Connection

At the Ice Cream with an Author event I had an interesting experience. As we arrived in the meeting room there was a woman making up name tags for each person. She looked familiar to me, and when I saw her name tag and she introduced herself as Freear, I felt like I already knew that was her name. Obviously with a name as unusual as Freear, it's not likely that I've met many people with that name. But it struck no surprise with me. I felt like I knew her.

All through the event I kept looking at her and wondering how I knew her. Initially I thought she worked at the library, which would make it easy to understand how I know her. But, she wasn't a library staff member. She was there as a good friend to the author that was speaking.

After the sit-and-listen part of the evening was done, Freear and I gravitated toward each other. I told her that I felt like I knew her from somewhere, and she told me she was thinking the same thing about me. We reviewed the various ways that we might have known each other, but there were no intersections that we could figure out.

Still, it felt like we had some sort of connection, which still has me thinking.

She has a very peaceful vibe about her, and seemed like one of those people that you should make sure you try to keep in your life. I didn't want to wig her out by acting all "hey do you want to be my friend" or whatever. But I have a way to contact her, so I'm gonna.

Whether we've met before, or just had some sort of easy connection, I believe life's too short to let it slip by.

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Anonymous said...

I got to attend a meeting where Rafe Esquith was the speaker. I noticed you were reading one of his books. He and those Shakespearean kiddos are awesome!