Monday, August 11, 2008

I read this article about a free healthcare clinic set up near the border of Kentucky. I read stuff like this and just cry. Both for the people in need, the people that helped, and for our country that has this wretched situation where health care isn't always available for those that need it. It seems to me that our nation lacks love and compassion when our own people suffer without such a basic need.

Visit Remote Area Medical. Better yet: Donate
Learn more about The Health Wagon and donate here
Save the Children is here, and you can donate here

If you are someone that is leery of donations to organizations that you can't see with your eyes and touch with your hands, how about if you make a trip to the grocery store (or to your own pantry) and buy a bunch of stuff and take it to your local food pantry. Maybe you could buy things like Band Aids, Tylenol, Vitamin C, and basic first aid items. Just recently while I was at the food pantry a man came in with a cut on his hand that was bleeding. All I had to offer him there was a tissue to clean up the blood. He went on his way, looking for some help.

There is so much need all around us. It doesn't take that much to help. You'd be amazed at how rich you are if you could see what you have through someone else's eyes.

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SiouxsieQ said...

Thank you for posting this. It is such a good reminder on what we can do to help people in need, and it just takes such a little effort.