Friday, August 22, 2008

Etsy, How I Love Thee

Since I've been painting and painting the main living area of my home, I've got a hankerin' to also spruce the place up with some adornments. I decided to go to the best place I know for unique and awesome stuff--etsy.

For those of you not in the know, etsy is like a handmade, unique ebay. (well, no auctions maybe it's like the coolest craft show or flea market in the world....) Tons of stores full of handmade wonderfulness. Absolutely awesome.

First I noticed that the cool birdies in this photo were from etsy. So off I went to do some hunting, and the gal that made those was kind enough to make some birdies for me too. Here's my birds:
Cute, eh? (Though one of my boys said that only one looked like a bird. The others he declared a seal and a dolphin.... I can see what he's saying. But I like 'em just the same.)

Yesterday I was in a mood to look some more, so started browsing, and fell in love with this:

I got the last matted print of this and I am so excited! I love it, love it, love it! Will be so excited when it arrives.

And apparently I have a newfound love for all things bird. Behold a few more things from my wish list:
Another print by the same artist. I love so many of the pieces at that shop!

Then there's this adorable birdie dish towel. Too cute!

And these cool mobiles have got me thinking about where I could put them......

I found this pillow to be really interesting, even though it seems to fit solidly into the category I like to call "Cute Ugly." I think this would look great on one of my dark red love seats.

It wasn't 100% gone to the birds, though. I did find a few non-birdie items that I thought were really fun:

I got a kick out of this Keep Calm and Carry On print. Seems like a message I could stand to be reminded of on a regular basis! Apparently this slogan was used on propaganda posters in England during Word War 2. Fun, eh?
And I love this pumpkin magnet, just because it's almost fall and I love all things pumpkin. :) So cute!


SiouxsieQ said...

You are just so full of good things! Thanks for the recommendation -- will check it out.

Carmen said...

I have the Keep Calm and Carry on in Red in my kitchen!