Sunday, August 24, 2008

More On My Love Affair With Etsy

So I've perused literally hundreds of pages of crafty artsy goodness over at etsy, and to save myself from having to post about every. single. one. of the fantabulous finds that made my heart sing, I learned that I could create a Favorites list, and then a little graphic goodie for my left sidebar to show off just a few of the lovelies. So, if you enjoy seeing what's what on etsy, or just want to see what I liked, clickety click on over there and have a gander.

I would like to say that I have absolutely NO intention of acquiring every single one of the birdie items on my favorites list. That would be, like, totally wacked. I just added 'em to the faves as I saw 'em, and they sure did add up! I do not want to become like the goose/cow/teddy bear craze of the 1980s with my birds. Nosirree I do not.

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