Sunday, August 17, 2008

From the Bones of Birthlove

Years ago I was a member of the amazing web site After awhile the site closed without warning or explanation, and people have been missing it ever since.

I do miss being able to refer pregnant women to the pages of birthlove, because it was information and passion for natural birth like noplace else. But the saddest part of not having birthlove available was that all six of my birth stories were there, plus a journal that I kept when I went way past my due date with my fifth baby. For all but one of the stories, it was the only place that I had those written. For whatever reason, I had not saved copies.

I've felt sad about this for a year or more. I had thought about trying to contact the site owners to see if they would be able to email me my stories. Procrastination kept me from it, and then when I went to get their address yesterday, I couldn't find it.

Thankfully, in my search for information I ended up finding out about the Way Back Machine at This wonderful resource had a lot of the birthlove site available. My computer's internet filter didn't want to let me in to see if my stuff was there, but my husband was at work and ended up being able to cruise his way around the bones of birthlove and find our stories! I am still waiting for the last one, but oh-my-goodness I am SO happy that I have these back!

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How wonderful!!!