Thursday, August 07, 2008

Poker Chips-- Good Things Happen

The food pantry work went much better this past week, mainly thanks to me bringing The Long Arm of The Law. (also known as my husband) We got a whole bunch of boxes filled, plus my daughter and I were able to do some badly-needed reorganizing that seemed to make the food pantry director very happy. I also set the kids up with the potential to earn a chip for good work, good attitude, and observance of the safety rules. (they earned 'em, too!)

What are the chips, you say?

I have a set of poker chips. I started out with the super cheap ones that are white, red, and blue. (found them at Walmart by the playing cards and games) Now that I have five kids at home full time I got the heavier, more expensive set that has five different colored chips. Each of my at-home kids has a color for their school stuff. (more about that later) The kids have opportunities to earn a chip for things like getting their chores done properly and on time, getting their school work done without fussing, and so on. Pretty much any time I need to dangle a carrot or want to give a reward, I use the chips.

Later on the chips can be used a currency with me for things they want. I have not worked out the full plan yet, since the school year hasn't officially begun. But, my plan is for them to use their chips to purchase being able to watch a movie, time to play video games, picking something out of my Treasure Box, and so on. I am also having a group chip available for each school day. If all five kids earn chips for their chores and their schoolwork on a day, then a group chip will be earned which can be turned in for a Family Fun Night which might include a special movie and dessert, pizza, or something like that.

I'm hoping that the positive peer pressure will work to my advantage.


B said...

This sounds like a good idea. YOu'll have to expand and explain it more as time goes by so I can copy you! ;-) ~B

SiouxsieQ said...

Love your sidebar pics!