Friday, February 29, 2008


Twice a year I got to a children's clothing consignment sale where I try to purchase any clothing and accessories that my kids need for the upcoming season. Today we got there bright and early, right after they opened, and boy did we hit the jackpot! Although we didn't find many of the clothing items that we were looking for, guess what I did get?

Yes, I got a nice Leap Pad AND a Quantum Pad, plus 7 of the activity books/cartridges to go with them! I got a couple things that will be perfect for my third grader, and several more that will be great for my young kids.

We've never had these before, so I didn't know that much about them. Fortunately my friend Amy was with me at the sale and she was able to assure me that I was getting a very good deal. As it turned out, as I've looked up prices on the internet, I see that if I had purchased all of these items individually it would have cost around $150. My price? $30!!

I think these will be great for creating some learning centers for my younger kids to do some independent activities. I'm very excited!!

Other good finds:
A baseball bat for my 9 year old who will soon be playing baseball on a team for the first time ever.

Connect Four, which I've been wanting to get for a long time and was actually going to pay full price for pretty soon.

Guess Who game--a fun one I remember from my own childhood.

And quite a few clothing items and accessories. Yay!

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