Monday, February 11, 2008

If It Wasn't So Outrageous, It Might Be Funny

It has been many weeks since I contacted DHL's Office of the President to try to resolve my shipping disaster with them. I received an email from a customer service person telling me that she would contact me within 24 hours to discuss my situation.

And then she didn't contact me.

And then FINALLY, after MONTHS of aggravation, someone was able to determine that I had, indeed, had the entire process bungled, and they sent me a refund check for almost $400 that they had overcharged me.

And TODAY I get an email from the customer service person. She was writing to tell me that she had checked with her research department and determined that I was not going to be issued a refund. Also, she wanted to let me know that DHL values my business and hopes I will give them another opportunity to let them give me a positive shipping experience.


I wrote her back to let her know how disappointing it was that DHL is clearly SO completely disorganized and incompetent. She has done nothing but confirm for me that there is nothing positive to be had by dealing with DHL. I can assure you that DHL will NEVER get any business from me in the future, as long as there is any way to avoid it.

What a bunch of nonsense.

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