Monday, February 25, 2008

Exciting Possibilities

Yesterday I was invited to speak at an upcoming online homeschool conference! Although my business isn't directly related to homeschooling, I am finding that a whole lot of homeschool moms are interested in my books and products. I have had people ask me before if I would consider getting a booth at a homeschool convention, but I felt like the expense and time involved wouldn't be something I would want to do right now. I have done a few booths at events and have found that it takes a ton of energy and is quite exhausting. Yes, I sell stuff, but I'm not convinced that it's worth it to me.

This opportunity, though, is perfect. I can record my sessions ahead of time and set up a web page that will serve as a display where people can check out the stuff that I have to offer. Now I just have to figure out what to speak about. True--I rarely run out of things to say. :) I've just never done a specific talk about healthy eating before, and doing the speaking without an audience to interact with sounds kind of....blah! I may go for an interview format instead of flying solo. I'm still thinking it through....

There is a lot of good business stuff brewing right now, so it seems like this might be a very good year of growth for us. Yay!

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Mimley said...

That sounds exciting! Perhaps you could do it conversation style with someone else chatting with you about various topics.