Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eeeeew-weeeeEEE! Or, Why It is Very Stinky to Keep Chickens in your Bathtub

So we got through the night, with my raining and blowing outside that was very noisy, and a 4 year old waking up crying and screaming because he had a stuffy nose, and an 11 year old waking me up to ask, "What's that noise?!" when there was so much noise from the wind and rain that, really, it was anybody's guess which noise was bothering her.

And then, a phone call from my husband around 2am. He was at work, waiting to be called out with his fire dept. to help with the various emergencies that always erupt from violent weather. He just wanted to make sure we really were downstairs, because tornadoes were touching down nearby. Goodie!

Morning came very early after such a sleepless night. And then I got to deal with the amazing STINK of the bathroom, courtesy of our four chickens. I did not realize they poop so much in their sleep. W-O-W! At least they did stay in the tub, though.

I escorted my four house guests outside, fed them, and then got to work cleaning out the bathtub. While getting 3 kids ready to go to school. And making breakfast. And a few other things. No worries, though! It's all done, the stink is gone, and the chickens live to see another day.

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