Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun Weekend Happenings

We enjoyed a fun weekend here. Saturday night we had 8 of our friends from church here to make homemade pizzas, watch Tim Hawkins, play Dutch Blitz, and to play Guitar Hero. I also made Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever, which is now going to be a regular attender in my hospitality repertoire. It's really easy to make, and everybody oohs and aaahs over it.

I managed to defend my honor by winning Dutch Blitz and several rounds of Guitar Hero. :) Can't have people coming over and beating me at my own games, now, can I?

One of the coolest things on Saturday night was the moon glow. Did you see it? We went outside around 10pm (eastern time) and when you looked up at the moon, you could also see a beautiful white circle of light around it in the distance. (pretty far away--not right up close to the moon) I've heard about that before, but never saw it in person. It was really kind of magical. Those of us that were still here partying on went outside to look at it, and ended up staying outside, building a camp fire, and popping popcorn over the fire. It was really pretty special.

What did you do this weekend?

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