Friday, February 01, 2008

Guys--This is What To Get Your Best Gal on Valentines Day


Anonymous said...

The hubby and I LOVED the way I went with your advice and took the girly nursery plunge!

Anonymous said...

I forwarded this to all my pals and their spouses, but of everybody, my mom enjoyed this. Perhaps too much...said she has received more "TBHAH's" over the years than she can count. My dad (feeling a little wounded) responded by sending all the women in our family (mom, 2 sisters, 2 sisters-in-law and myself) handcrafted HEARTS HOLDING A TEDDY BEAR! Yup...he hit the dollar store, bought 6 leopard - print hearts with maribou edges, 6 teddy bears, and 6 stuffed monkeys (who were sacrificed for their arms), then used the parts to fashion his unforgettable creation. I wish I could post a picture!