Monday, February 11, 2008

And So, the Firemen Were Fed and Everyone Was Happy

All of the kids got involved with the project of preparing for and taking the lunch to the firefighters. Little boys cleaned out the Burb and helped load up. Then we drove out to the boonies and made a little assembly line, preparing to feed the guys tailgate style.

It was super windy and very cold, but the kids were real troopers. At the front of the line I had one little kiddo handing out spoons and holding one of the back doors open. Inside the back of the Burb we had crock posts full of chili, bowls, and a ladle. After the men got their chili, I had another child holding a basket full of little baggies of oyster crackers and sharp cheddar cheese (and keeping the other door open, thanks to the wind), and the next two kids held containers with individually wrapped pieces of The Pioneer Woman's "Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever." One container was with nuts, one without. Although the cake is very yummy, it was also less than half the thickness that I would normally consider to be cake, so we called 'em brownies as we handed them out. They were easier to pass off that way. :)

I learned from the guys that at training events like this they are usually only fed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which I guess is because there are so many guys, and they are usually in a somewhat remote location with no electricity available. They were really thrilled to get a hearty, hot meal, and they thanked us again and again. It was so nice to be able to do that for them.

After we served the lunch we got to hang out and watch the training, which featured lots of smoke, a little fire (that we could see), and many firefighters in full gear doing many things that we may or may not have understood. I will say that my husband was looking very handsome in his gear... :)

From there we went home to make the soup to take to our friends from church with a newborn baby. I got to hold the little sweetie--so small! Her parents were tired but happy with their third little one (in under 3 years!) and they seemed to enjoy telling me about their wonderful home birth.

Sunday our friends came to visit and that was very fun. We had tomato bisque soup and pulled pork sandwiches, courtesy of my husband, the manly chef. We watched our Tim Hawkins DVD and laughed our heads off (it's even funny after having watched it before). Good times!

Today it's back to the grind. I'm still trying to get on top of some things that I've fallen behind, trying not to drop any plates. It ain't easy, I can tell you!!

Good school day today, for the most part. My first grader was home today because he wasn't feeling well. He ended up joining us for some of our school stuff and he seemed to really like it. Keeps my wheels turning.....

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Carmen said...

Hey, we called the cake brownies too!