Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So...Do You Think I'll Go To Jail For This?

As you already know, I've been up to my eyeballs in snot and sneezing and kids and stuff all week. (and that's only the stuff I've actually TOLD you about!) Today I was feeling a little bit better so was trying to get caught up on homeschool, business, and emails. And around 4:30pm I noticed a paper on my desk. What paper, you ask? Oh.....only the paper telling me that I was summoned for Jury Duty TODAY at 9am!

As soon as the notice came several weeks ago I filled out the return form, plus typed up my own explanation of why I was requesting to be excused. I sent it out the next day. (honest. seriously, for sure. I put it in the mailbox myself.)

And then I never heard from them.

And last week I started thinking about that, so decided I better call to make sure that I was excused, so called the "Jury Call In" phone number MANY times, only to get busy signals or endless ringing. So, of course, I knew I would need to call later.

And of course, being human, and continually getting put off by their non-working phone line, it didn't get done. And I haven't even been aware of what day it is. But when I saw that paper I checked the date, and OF COURSE, here I am, having not showed up for my civic duty.

And right at the top of the paper it clearly states that if you fail to show up for jury duty they can fine or JAIL me.

So....that's kind of uncomfortable. The logical part of me knows that no sane person is going to come and arrest me. The paranoid part of me is thinking of what wild news coverage the story would get if a homeschooling mother of six was arrested for forgetting to appear for jury duty. On the one hand, it would suck. On the other could be AWESOME publicity for my businesses! And maybe I would learn something wonderful and important about jails that would open up a whole new arena of opportunity for me! (can I put a silver lining on a cloud or WHAT?!)

So, you know, I'm indulging in playing out a few scenarios in my mind, while I keep glancing out the window toward the driveway, looking for flashing lights.....


Kat said...

You're a real threat to homeland security there Dollymama! I hope nothing comes of this...would be utterly ridiculous if it did. Do you have a back door? Can you hop a fence? :)

Dollymama said...

I do have a back door, and have a fence to hop (although I doubt I would be good at that). However, I'd be pretty easy to catch at the elementary school pick-up every afternoon.

Hey--I've been wanting some quiet time. Maybe this will be the answer....