Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Thanks to YOU all.....I figured it out.

Just as I had to go kamikaze with incentive prizes to get my kids potty trained, I have decided to do the same for both going to bed, staying in bed, and getting up in the morning.

SO....I went to the store and came home with some little prizes like bouncy balls, rubber lizards, Whoopee cushions, etc. (OK, fine. By etc. I actually mean CANDY. OK. There. I admit it.)

The deal is that they have to get into bed by their bedtime. (I help them get ready plenty of time in advance) If they are in their bed they can have one of the toy or book prizes. (no candy--I do have some standards) BUT if they get out of bed for any reason other than having to go to the bathroom, I will take that prize away.

In the morning, for people that get up and cooperate and are ready to go when the bus pulls up, they can choose a prize (even candy for their lunch boxes).

I happened to have a pack of about 6 books in hand (in hiding) that I had gotten on some great bargain, so tonite I just gave each little boy a book. They were thrilled, and it gave them something to look at while they were winding down. They seemed to understand the deal that they can only keep their prize IF they stay in bed. Of course, they always have to throw their big toes over the line to see if I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaly mean it. So, now two of them know I do, because their books are back in the prize box. :)

Wish me luck! (I'm hoping that the candy will work wonders for my morning troubles. And thankfully, it'll only take a couple weeks of this to get them trained in the right direction, and then the prizes will fade out.)

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Kat said...

Sorry I had no advice. At this point, bedtime means giving Little Bit a bottle and a clean diaper and saying "Let's go night-night". :)