Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Inspiring Posts and Resources

This post about homeschooling and creating the family culture you want was wonderful. I am looking forward to checking out this blog some more.

I think today is the first time i've ever heard about Ambleside Online. Looks like a promising curriculum choice for those wanting a Charlotte Mason-type education, but not wanting to spend a bundle. (I shall now admit that I have never once made my way through a single book by Charlotte Mason. I could never get into it. Though apparently I do have an actual appreciate for the style of education she recommended.)

My homeschooled third grader is both cursed and blessed to have a mind sort of like his mother's. The poor kid has so many ideas, and he gets pretty obsessed with them. In just the last two weeks he has been obsessed about

building his own hoovercraft ("..and I could hook up the vacuum cleaner and this fan to this board.....")

buying costumes

earning money (one business idea of his included collecting cast-off computer discs, and then trying to sell them....ugh)

spending money (on candy, on costumes, on an electric guitar, on a bass guitar, and today...on a pond. Why a pond? Because of his newest obsession...)

Getting an otter for a pet! I told him that you can't just walk into a pet store and get yourself a baby otter, and that without a pond or river here, we wouldn't be a very good family for it. "So...how much would it cost for us to build a pond???" "If I saved up the money for it, could we build a pond? and then get an otter??"

So....we found a show that you can watch online about some people that are taking care of a baby otter. Just in case someone at your house wants to have a pet otter, check this out!

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