Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shrek 3 Review: Don't Bother

Like lots of kids around the country, ours were very excited about Shrek 3 coming out yesterday, so we decided to have a special treat and take all of 'em to the theater. Setting aside the excitement of trying to get seating together for 8 (we didn't), I'll tell you that we had a split of opinion between the kids and the parents.

The kids loved it, they said. Why? My husband and I have no idea.

The music wasn't as good as the first two movies.

The story line wasn't as good.

There was too much reliance on old jokes, that now fell flat.

The stuff that was new also fell flat.

So, save your pennies. Rent it when it comes out. Maybe next week's new Pirates movie will be better. What are the odds?

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