Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sad, But True

Ladies, here's a tip for you:

If the meal stunk the first time around, don't freeze the leftovers and think you'll be able to make a decent meal out of it the second time around.

For example: Tonite I pulled a mystery meal out of the freezer. I vaguely remembered it not being a big hit, but decided to thaw it out and see what's what.

So it was a pasta thing that looked like it lacked the right amount of sauce or something. I decided to see if the kids would like it anyhow, since most of them prefer no sauce, and I had no spaghetti sauce in the house.

My oldest son looks at me after taking a bite, and so as to not alert the younger kids to the fact that he hates it, silently mouths the words, "What on earth is this??"

So I go over to him and say, "Yeah, I suspected it might not be the best. What do you think it needs to make it taste good?"

A set up he couldn't refuse!

His reply? "Um....a miracle??"

He was right. I tossed it all. :)

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Kim said...

LOL!! I've had that happen only with my husband.

:) Great blog!
Kim from http://4fabmoms.blogspot.com