Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Bachelor--Yukk!

This recent season of The Bachelor is the first time I've ever watched the show, thanks to online viewing. I guess the concept of the show has probably been discussed bunches of times, but I've not kept up on it, so tonite's my turn.


First of all, I guess it must be pretty bad "out there" in the world for singles to find someone, because I have a hard time imagining a scenario where I would be willing to be treated like cattle, shuffled through "group dates" and having to prove my interest in a virtual stranger.

Secondly, I guess it must be pretty bad "out there" because all of those girls were going crazy for Andy, and frankly I thought he was a fake bore. If it wasn't for the circumstantial evidence of a fairly wide range of things going on in his life, it would be hard for me to not think of him as rather one-dimensional.

Third, how special could it possibly be to get "picked" by a guy you barely know to "marry" when just a few hours before that he wasn't sure if he would pick you? Honestly, if it were me, I'd let the guy know by that last date that if he wasn't already sure he wanted me, to please pick the other girl. It's not lucky to win that guy under those circumstances. It's sad.

And what's up with this whole asking the person to marry you? Nonsense! They barely know each other and set no date.

Like most reality TV shows, it seemed to me that The Bachelor does it's best to catch participants in emotionally trying situations, and exploits desperate young adults that should know better. If it weren't for the fact that half of marriages fail anyhow, I'd think it was irresponsible. But, I guess a couple that gets together on The Bachelor has as good a chance as anybody.

I think Andy and Tessa seem just right for each other--boring, fake, and annoying. Bevin dodged a bullet, methinks. Run, Bevin, run!

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