Saturday, May 19, 2007

Foxy Mamma

I found out about these fun shirts from Couture Moms in a recent magazine review, and decided to buy myself a Mom-to-the-sixth-power shirt for Mother's Day. :)

It arrived the other day and I was so excited! It's very soft and looks great! The bling is very pretty and is a good size and placement.

I had to run some errands so decided to wear my new shirt and head out. The shirt looked so great that I decided to get a little more gussied-up than usual. Just a little mascara and lipstick. And I left my hair funky-curly because my husband loves it that way. (I normally straighten my hair)

Then I got going and called my husband at work to see if he would have time to meet me for lunch. He did.

So I met him there, and the look on his face said it all.... :) But it was nice that he said it in my ear, too. "You look so foxy, I could fall down and die!!"

Ha! Sounds like I better be careful when wearing my new secret weapon, eh? :)

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TaunaLen said...

Oh I think that might be the most romantic thing I've heard all day. Maybe I should send my hubby over here for lessons! He's a sweetheart, I just wish he spoke my love language once in a while. But I can't complain too much. He is vry affectionate, and he spoils me in his own way. It's nice to catch up on your posts!