Thursday, May 24, 2007

Homeschooling Decision Has Been Made...

I'll be homeschooling my 3rd and 5th graders next year. The Sonlight order is going out today. Let the adventure begin! (and let's hope I don't lose my mind in the process....)

**I would also like to say that there is no way I would have been able to consider (let alone look forward to) homeschooling again without Sonlight Curriculum. In the past when we used Sonlight it was a huge success. Every other thing I've done has had very mixed results, and I was rather frazzled trying to put it all together myself. It has been so great to contemplate homeschooling again knowing that I was going to get a complete set of Sonlight curriculum, where all the planning is done for me, and where I won't be looking for 3 Popsicle sticks and 7 cotton balls for a science experiment! It has been very freeing to throw away every homeschool catalog that has entered the house, and just spare myself from agonizing over every single subject and possibility for it. To me, Sonlight is a gift. I highly recommend it.

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TaunaLen said...

I am so happy for you. Enjoy them this year, and make good memories. I don't know if you read Elise at "A Path Made Straight" but she recently posted about making memories, and I copied a quote to my white board for those times when frustration threatens to spoil the mood. "Someday, something will make this moment special, and I refuse to let it be stolen." I hope this will remind me to look for that special something when I feel like pulling out my hair. Enjoy Sonlight. I almost went with it several years ago, and it would still be my second choice. It really is amazing.