Sunday, May 04, 2008


In all the time I've been without a camera I've wished I could show you our beautiful, big, white chickens. So today is my chance. Sadly, yesterday one of our four chickens died. :( We have no idea why. All four came out of their coop just fine in the morning, but later in the day I heard some suspicious flapping noises and several of the chickens were making a lot of noise. I went out to investigate and found one chicken making her final few flaps before dying. She didn't have any wounds, no blood. So we don't know why she died. She was only a year old. (thankfully, my husband was home, so I didn't have to bury the poor gal)

Although our chickens can be quite messy, they are entertaining and fun pets. They are very social, and will follow their "mother" (my 12 year old daughter) all around the back yard and cluck away in their chickenish conversations. Lots of character and personality in chickens. Which makes it hard when one dies.

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SiouxsieQ said...

Nice photos!