Monday, May 26, 2008

Camera Fun, and Odds and Ends

Since I have a camera now, I guess I owe you a recent picture of myself. There you go.

Also, I've been meaning to show a photo of the beautiful ring by husband bought me a few weeks ago. I've been wanting a sparkler for years, and am loving this one. Unfortunately, it's really hard to take a good picture of something as detailed as a ring (at least with my camera) so this is as good as I could do for you. Trust me--it's mighty pretty. :)

Tomorrow is the last day of school for three of my kids. We'll be enjoying the kindergarten graduation in the morning, an awards event in the afternoon, and being DONE after that! I have already ordered our Sonlight curriculum and it is on the way, so that is exciting. We'll be busy for the next couple weeks, but will probably dig in to homeschoolishness after that. I really like doing school year-round. Partially because it keeps the momentum going and the kids don't forget stuff while taking a long summer break. Partially because I like being able to take off a day of school any time. If we go year-round, there is plenty of time to drop everything and take a field trip or whatever strikes our fancy. Usually whatever we end up doing is educational as well, so it's not like we're completely off the wagon. It just helps me to have that flexibility.

Also....guess what's coming up on Saturday??

The Highland Games!

We have been looking forward to this since last year when my husband and I went for a little getaway for his birthday. (photo is of hubby at last year's event) This time we're taking all of the kids, complete with kilts for all the boys, and a coordinating dress for my daughter. (I'll be in regular clothes....not into plaid too much) Have no fear--photos will be shared. Unfortunately, the music lineup for this year is nowhere near as great as it was last year, but our favorite group (Need Fire) will be there, so that's a BIG plus.

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Mimi said...

You are lovely, and what a pretty sparkly ring! Enjoy!