Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Little Meme

I got this from Morning Coffee. Want to play? Copy and Paste your answers to these questions onto your blog.

Four Things about Me (or Three, if I couldn't think of a fourth)

A) FOUR PLACES I GO OVER AND OVER: My children's schools, the grocery store, to the computer, to sleep.

B) FOUR PEOPLE WHO ENCOURAGED MY FAITH ALONG THE WAY: The environment and people at my Christian school (Faith Heritage School in Syracuse, NY--Woot!). More than four there for sure.

C) FOUR OF MY FAVORITE FOODS: pizza, Chocolate Mint Jocalat bars, fruit smoothies, Italian chicken and rice.

D) FOUR PLACES I WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT NOW: Sleeping, someplace quiet and alone, visiting my mom, on a beach.

E) FOUR MOVIES I WOULD WATCH OVER AND OVER: Sweet Home Alabama, Meet the Parents, The Patriot, Dan in Real Life.

F)FOUR THINGS I LIKE ABOUT MY CHURCH: The mindfulness to not burn people out on attending church constantly, people that know how to both love Jesus and have a lot of fun, being at a place that's not afraid to ask questions instead of give pat answers, the people.

G) FOUR OF MY FAVORITE HOBBIES/INTERESTS: reading, having meaningful conversations, doing any project that is likely to improve my life or stay put for awhile, and....??not sure.

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