Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Stomped Last Night!

After hoping that my husband would get my Stomp tickets to the point where I doubted any decent seats were left, and once I learned that the show was probably the very same one I saw 9 years ago, I decided to switch my birthday request to something else. As it turned out, I didn't get my new request either. You know, I am about to just swear off any gift-giving occasions in my future, because although I am not a materialistic person, nor do I care that much about what I GET, I do care about feeling loved and cared for. I thought I already had low expectations, but alas, they are now going lower. (**Alternate plan: Purchase gifts for myself for Mother's Day. Give a box full of gifts, wrapping, etc. to one of the older children and let them help the younger ones wrap and decide who gets to give what. Pretend to be surprised when they make their presentations.)

AnyHOOO, yesterday evening as I was still feeling down from the unBirthday, I got a phone call from my son's girlfriend's mother. She had an extra ticket to see Stomp and wondered if I would like to come with them.

Yes! I would. Definitely. Just let me get out of my PJs (that I've been wearing all day even though I had to drive to the school three times today) and try to find some clean, unwrinkled clothing, and do something with my much time do I have to get there?!

We had fourth row center seats, which were awesome. And the show, while having many of the same elements as I remembered, still was very fresh and fun. I had forgotten how much comedy is woven throughout the show. There is a lot of laughter and SO much energy--if I could find out what vitamins those people take I would definitely be taking them myself. :)

It was a redeeming two hours. I will not hesitate to see Stomp again. And it put a smile on my face for awhile, which was needed.

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