Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Got anything fun lined up this weekend? My in-laws are coming to visit us, so from here on out I'll be working on my Hostess With The Mostest routine. :) They are getting ready to move to our area from 14 hours away. My kids will love having grandparents nearby.

I've got some fun music for you to jive to through your weekend. I just picked a few fun ones that always get me up and dancing. Or at the very least, laughing.

A short history of the songs on this playlist:

Love Shack: Came out right around my freshman year of college. I can still see my friend Ron Gardner singing along to this. He had the perfect voice for it too. Anytime I'm in the car and this comes on, I crank it up and SING. Loud.

Play That Funky Music: I know this isn't the original, but it's a fun one. My husband and I had a mighty good time dancing to this one (and Brick House) at our niece's wedding last summer. After we busted a move on the dance floor, I asked my incredulous oldest son (then 14 years old) how it felt to have the coolest parents in the joint. His response was, "Mom. There's a fine line between being the coolest people here, and making a fool of yourselves. You two are flirting with that line." I could live with that. I kicked off my shoes and we kept dancing.

Brick House: Another favorite of my husband's and mine for groovin on the dance floor. it's great especially if your dance moves involve a lot of hip. Which mine do. (in case you wanted to know) Our family loves when this song comes on because my son Jake the Great thought that "shake it down, shake it down, shake it down now" was actually, "shake a cow, shake a cow, shake a cow, now!" So we all make ourselves shake and moo at the same time and laugh our fool heads off. You should try a road trip with us sometime. We're hilarious.

Pump Up The Jam: What can I say? This was one of the main songs played in dance clubs back when I got to go to some when I went to college. Get yer booty on the floor tonite and make my day, yo!

U Can't Touch This: My college friends actually went to see MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice in concert. Not being a huge fan of either, I skipped it. Never have regretted that decision, either. This song is, however, excellent at weddings where you are looking for a grand opportunity to use all of your geeky dance moves like The Sprinkler. ("Break it down now. Stop! Hammer Time!")

Ice, Ice Baby: What can I say? How can this song fail to make you roll your eyes and laugh (While tapping your toes) ("Yo! Vanilla! Let's kick it!") I'd like to report that, by complete coincidence, I just saw that Vanilla Ice was just released from his quick stay in jail for pushing his wife. congrats, loser!

What songs have fun memories for you? Maybe I can make a playlist for you, so you'll feel more at home when you visit me here. :)


Alana said...

Can't Touch This was HUGE when I was in college. Oh, yeah, we were jammin'!

Personally, I preferred some of the Elton John (I don't wanna go on with you like that...) stuff that was out, and the Travelling Wilburies, during those years.

Katy said...

I LOVE this post! Pump it up! :)