Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Working on the Phooey

Hey all--I have been in contact with the designers. Although I have not named them here, they seem to be concerned that I have misrepresented the situation with my blog design, and that they somehow will be damaged by the information I shared. I specifically did not mention their names because I was simply venting my frustration, not trying to damage them.

Apparently, through having them design 5 web sites for me over the course of over 3 years, I missed the little detail that the images used and installed by them through their photobucket account were only guaranteed to be left that way for 6 months. So, unfortunately, now I will have to hire them to redesign my sites again. But, the good news is that I now know that I need to go and get all of my web images safely onto my own photobucket account. I would strongly recommend that any of you with custom designs on your blogs or web sites check on this issue before you find yourself with a naked site. :) Hopefully in short time Dollymama Strikes Again will be looking pretty, as usual.

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mimley said...

They should be very thankful that I am not you! I would name names anywhere and anywhere I could to warn the unsuspecting . Even if somewhere in the "small print" this situation was disclosed, I think out of courtesy to someone who has given them alot of business there would be such a thing as a litte warning "just as a reminder, 6 months of guaranteed image protection will be expiring in 30 days - WARNING!". What ever happened to doing unto others......