Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Phooey!

You know, since I don't have much time to come by this here mighty fine blog very often, it had escaped my attention that my blog design is GONE! Gone, as in, no it is not because my computer is going slow on loading up the page--it's just gone. Because the designer that I used let her photobucket account expire....and all my design images are down the tubes for this blog and for my business site. I am Not. Happy.

So now I am scurrying around trying to contact this person, trying to back up all the images for all of my web sites.....ackk! Thankfully, I at least know how to do this. (If only I had known that I was going to have this problem--I would have been happy to handle all my photo hosting on my own.)

So, that's why my blog looks sad and plain.

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mimley said...

Wouldn't one think that a business person would have her customers in mind?? Those who have paid good money for services certainly deserve to find out AHEAD of time if there is going to be something like this that is going to seriously impact the OTHER persons business??? As my husband would say - get a tobacco stick and beat the hell out of em!!