Monday, January 28, 2008

100th Day

Bad Mommy. Bad Mommy!

I just dropped my kiddos off at school this morning, and then came home and looked through the papers that I had just taken out of their backpacks. (They had a lot of extra papers because they missed two days of school last week because they were sick.)

So what did I miss? Sending something for 100th day, that's what.

And what's 100th day? It's the one hundredth day of school. The kids in most classes are supposed to bring 100 of something. Like, 100 stickers or goldfish crackers or pieces of rice or crayons or whatever. They count and sort and compare and good educational stuff like that.

And now my kids are without a contribution to 100th Day. :(

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Shelly said...

awww! I have never heard of 100th day! Great blog!