Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spontaneous Outing

What I didn't tell you last week, while I was sick and hoping not to get sent to jail, was that my husband was out of town on a business trip for 6 days. So, lots of excitement there.

To celebrate being home, he came up with the idea of taking us to Cumberland Falls on Saturday. Being a good sport, I said yes.

On the way we passed a decent-sized Flea Market. Seeing as how I now want to grow up and be like the gal over at Eyes of Wonder, I got all inspired and said OOH! OOH! Can we stop?! So he turned around and took us back to the Flea Market.

Let's just say this. A rural Kentucky flea market doesn't seem to have *quite* the same type of goodies as Mrs. Eyes of Wonder has in New England. Which is not surprising.

Rather than finding homey items that would enhance my life I saw

old baskets (not cool ones, just junk ones)
die cast cars
guns and weaponry
apple head chihuahuas (real ones)
produce (which never goes out of style)
old computers
junk toys
and many, many tables of odds and ends that were nothing like what I'd been hoping to see

I will admit that it was a pretty well organized flea market. Even booths that sold stuff I didn't care about did a very god job of grouping like items together and trying to make a good presentation. So, it's not really that it was all lousy stuff, it just wasn't the vintage loveliness that I had hoped to find.

I did luck out by wearing my sunglasses while touring the flea market pavilion. Normally when I go to things like flea markets or farmer's markets, because I am a person who makes eye contact, I get suckered into talking to people or feeling like I should buy things that I don't want. If you just want to look and not feel bad, wear your shades, don't get too close to the tables, and keep moving. (If you can bring six kids along they help deflect people's attention away from you. So try that too, ok?)

The people watching at places like this is pretty interesting. Lots of smoking, tattoos, dogs on leashes, obvious health problems, etc.

The one small adventure I had at the flea market was when I went to the bathroom. Oh. My. Goodness. I kid you not, when I say that in the potty stall the door was no more than 10 inches from the toilet. It required some interesting finagling for me to get in the stall, close the door, and try to high-step around the toilet in order to cover the seat, then sit (knees akimbo) on the potty which was wobbly... At least it was relatively clean. They even had a bar of soap (not pump soap) for every one of us to share with each other. Yay.

Thankfully, Cumberland Falls was nicer than the flea market. Here are some photos that I found online:

Since we've had so little rain this year, we were able to walk through the riverbed on exposed rocks. It wasn't too hot of a day, so it was pleasant enough to do a little hiking around to see the falls and the amazing huge rocks and caves in the area.

Overall a good day. :)

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Mimi said...

The only part of Kentucky I've been to is Bowling Green. That is lovely!

I'm sorry the Flea Market was a bust.