Saturday, January 06, 2007

Recent Movies

I'm behind on telling you about the movies I've watched lately. Here is a short version:

Touch The Sound is another documentary done by the same producer as did Rivers and Tides, which I loved so much. Touch The Sound is about a deaf percussionist. This film had elements I love to see: true creativity in that we see people that make music in unexpected ways, and experience music, rhythm, and sound in unexpected ways. Once again this is one of those movies that is interesting for the whole family, and really engaged the kids and got them exploring music and sound in different ways than they ever had before. Now that we have the new bass guitar, drums, and recorders, it is fun to see how the recent influence of movies like Rivers and Tides and Touch the Sound seem to be making an impact, as the children are sometimes trying out making sounds in ways that aren't "right" but are interesting and fun. I love helping to expand their (and my!) minds.

You, Me, and Dupree was supposedly going to be great, but really, truly, it wasn't. There were some laughs, but mostly it was kind of dumb and flat. If you like seeing Owen Wilson playing the same guy he always plays, like watching Matt Dillon pretend he's not Hollywood Hunk material, and just plain old like watching Kate Hudson, then go ahead. But if you're looking for something clever, truly funny, or thoughtful, look elsewhere.

Flight Plan is a thriller that my 14 year old and I watched tonite. It stars Jodie Foster as a mother of a six year old daughter who ends up missing while on an air flight. It's done in typical thriller style, making us cringe and only watch out of the corner of one eye every now and then, as the music makes us think we are about to get a sudden scare. Thankfully there really aren't any gratuitous BOOs in this movie. But it did keep us on our toes, trying to figure out where the twist would be. Each time we thought we knew what the story was, we'd realize that there had to be more to it than that.... Not my favorite thriller, but a decent one. And as a mother, it gets you right where you live.


Mimi said...

You, Me and Dupree did look bad, I'm sorry it was.

blue67ccm said...

Kudos on your Flight Plan review, it's right on the money. And Jodie Foster has had such an incredible career.

My wife recommends "Walk The Line". I've seen a portion, so I can't comment. :)