Monday, January 01, 2007

Hopefully With Slightly More Zest This Time

We've ushered in the new year with a bang. The hubby took me to Lowe's yesterday and we proceeded to purchase several home improvement items. New paint for the bedroom (he picked a *purple* if you can believe that! We are still trying to decide if we like it, but it definitely beats that sad, banged-up, dirty yellow we have had for years.... I think I can make it work with the right accessories.), a shelving unit for our oldest kiddo, two drawer units for our laundry room (I keep 4 of the kids' clothing in there instead of them having dressers. Up til now we have had long shelves with laundry baskets for sorting and storing their clothes, but these white metal mesh drawers are what I have wanted for a long time. It takes up less space and looks a lot nicer.), a mouse trap that is basically a baited box that the mouse goes into but gets electrocuted once inside (we already caught one--yay!), potting soil for various plant projects that were in limbo, and a few other odds and ends for things that have been waiting and waiting to get done. Thankfully,most of the stuff has already been done or is in process. I like progress.

We had a fun evening with our kids. We rented Freaky Friday and A Knight's Tale to watch (skipped one scene, but otherwise a very fun movie), had a junky kid-friendly meal that they loved (hot dogs, mac and cheese), and let them have an indoor camp out. My husband and I also stayed up until 2am with our 10 year old daughter playing Monopoly. :) So, the new year is off to a good start.

My kids still have one more day off from school. I am way behind on business work, and don't know how I'm going to get things done. My web designer is behind on my site, and I have appointments Wed. and Thurs. which will take up big chunks of my "free time." Oh well. I am trying to adopt more of a "It'll get done when it gets done" philosophy. After all, if it's my business, I guess I don't have to do anything on someone else's time frame. Still, I have my own time frames and often can't manage to meet those goals.

I fell off the exercise bandwagon some time ago, mainly because I was struggling with spending an hour and a half of my 4.5 hours of alone time each day. I have decided to limit my workout to one hour or less, but to make it happen even if it means less business gets done. Hopefully I can stick to it because this extra weight seems content to stick around unless I do something to boot it right off of my bootie.

My To-Do lists loom large and grow all day long as I think of more things I "should" do or "need to" do. I know that other people manage to run successful online businesses without it taking over their lives, so I am hoping to become one of them.

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Mimi said...

Yeah, I'm off the exercise wagon myself.

Good Lowe's shopping!