Sunday, October 15, 2006

Inspiration in the form of an author and his fans

Two weeks in a row we were blessed to meet two of my son's favorite authors: Eoin Colfer and Brian Jacques. (pronounced Jakes for those of you that are still saying it the French way!)

Inspiration? So many middle school aged kids coming to meet their favorite author! Kids still read--and aren't afraid of big, meaty, challenging books! I saw kids that appeared to be soccer kids, prep school kids, long-haired shaggy kids, baggy pants kids, conservative homeschool types, and everything else. There wasn't a person in attendance at either event that made me think, "What is the world coming to?" Instead I felt great hope at knowing (and meeting in line) so many people read, think, celebrate literacy, and are sharing in the inspiration that comes from these books!

Brian Jacques was my favorite author to have met in person. (far better even than Diana Gabaldon!) His talk was very entertaining--he is most definitely a skilled storyteller! He is approximately 67 years old, and it really inspired me to know that Redwall is just 20 years old. Brian was nearly 50 when he became a celebrated author! I always love to know about people older than me than find their niche or make a major career change in life. It's thrilling to know that I may just be barely getting started!

Brian spoke about the underlying message in his Redwall books: Be a warrior! He explained that warriors are heroic and brave, that they value truth and their families, and they are willing to fight for what is right. It nearly made me cry to see the enthusiastic applause from his fans, knowing they are embracing this message.

At 67 years old, I also felt so blessed to be able to see and hear this man in person, and blessed that he has given all of us so many wonderful books. (my son has probably read every Redwall book at least 5 or 6 times each, except for one that he says was too sad) May he live on for many years, continuing to share great stories to teach and inspire us all!

To learn much more about Brian Jacques' books you can go visit his web site here. There are so many beautiful illustrations and fun facts for the Redwall fans.

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