Tuesday, October 10, 2006

blah de blah blah

Hello from the swamplands of Dollymamaville, where I have been too swamped with life to say hello for a few days.

Contributing factors to the swamp:

1. I've been super busy getting the Baby Boutique ready to open later this month. It takes SO much time to get all of the tedious details taken care of when setting up an ecommerce site. A million details to comb through repeatedly....seems like it never ends.... Still--I have high hopes that we will be open for business by the end of the month, and that is EXCITING! I have found the cutest of the cute, most adorable and unique items for babies and moms. Really, I think the baby boutique is going to be an excellent store.

2. On the go: Last Wed. I took my oldest son to meet Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series, among others. Colfer is my son's second favorite author. As luck would have it, we arrived at the book store to discover that his MOST favorite author will be at the same book store tomorrow night. Who is it? None other than the highly talented Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series, and the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series! (is that what it's called? I can't remember) We are VERY excited to get to meet him in person. Quite thrilling for us.

3. Roofing: God has provided us a way to pay a large bill that we have coming up, in the form of my husband getting hired to do some roofing work. This is a great blessing and comes at a good time for us. Unfortunately, it has made for some craziness in the scheduling and car juggling departments (seeing as how we only have one car).

4. My kids are on their 10 day fall break this week. It's nice to have a week off, but kind of bad timing as far as my work needs for the boutique, the roofing job, and other stuff. At least we're enjoying nice weather, and have been watching a Survivor series on DVD, which we all find fun.
5. Appointments. Yesterday I actually forgot about my kid's eye exam appt. The receptionist called when I was already 15 minutes late. Since the kids were out of school I just hadn't looked at my calendar for days. ugh! We had to scramble to get everyone dressed, shoes on, and to the appointment which is 30 minutes away from here. What a nightmare. We got through it though, and now I have to go back for 3 kids to get glasses. There goes the rest of our money!

6. Other odds and ends include that due to our car shuffling and so on, I have missed my workouts for over a week. I don't know if I am going to be able to go at all this week. What a pain!

I am also considering the future of Dollymama Strikes Again! I started this blog for an anonymous place to vent and share my opinions without alienating real life people. Now that I am expanding into my businesses and will be starting blogs for each one of those, I am asking myself some questions.

I love my Dollymama blog, but it seems destined to no longer be anonymous. Anybody reading will soon know my full name and contact information. Anybody in real life that does a search for my businesses will find this blog in the results. Anybody who knows even a small amount of information about how to find stuff on the internet can sniff this blog out in less than one minute.

If I keep on with Dollymama, it will no longer be anonymous. Do I go back through the archives and take down any posts that aren't meant for reading material for real life contacts and relatives?

Do I take down Dollymama altogether and resign myself to only business blogging and knowing that my real life contacts could be reading?

Do I go into stealth mode with a new blog, forsake this blog design that I still love with all my heart, and never, ever mention my businesses?

Once I am keeping up with multiple business blogs, business newsletters, and the daily workings of several businesses, am I even going to have time for leisure blogging? I started this blog because it helps me get my thoughts out of my head so I can make room for the next great idea. I think I still want that. It just feels sad to think of feeling stifled here, though I guess I always do to some extent. (some real life people do read, including my husband, so I certainly don't do all the venting I might want to do!)

I don't know what the answers are, but it's stuff I'm thinking about. In the meantime. laundry mountain calleth.


Mimi said...

I don't know what the answer is.

Enjoy meeting Brian Jaques - My oldest enjoyed the books.

B said...

Hey, Do what I did with my old blog, it's still out there in blogland, but I changed the url and went through the settings so that no one could basically find it and then I opened up a new one and only let very, very few people know and now I am slowing building readers again, that are new. I am also a lot more anonymous in my new blog, if I don't forget, I don't use any names like I did before and I TRY to stay anonymous. It's been working out well, even though I lost a lot of "lurkers" that would come to my old place everyday, but they never would come out and show me who they were so that I could send them my new blogsite. Just an idea. :)

If you change blogs, please let me know! :)