Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another week's worth of progress...

Things are moving right along here. After much ado, my baby boutique site is coming along and looking B-E-A-yoooootifull!!

My awesome mother surprised me by buying me a new computer too! She knew I was limping along with a geriatric computer, and all of my work on the web site was taking me probably 5 times longer than it should have. Every stinkin' thing was so. darn. slow, it was horrible. I was spending most of my time at the computer waiting for it to digest downloads and photo resizing. Gah! Now I've got this nice, new, unadultered computer that nobody but me will ever get to use (yes I am serious!) and my work is getting done at lightning speed! I have gotten lots of products into the shopping cart and it is all looking great.

I moved my office down to our family room where the kids watch movies and play. It is a good arrangement since I can now work more while also being with them more and supervising more. Plus, I have 5 sunny windows!

As I get closer to the baby boutique's grand opening, I am looking for fellow bloggers and web site owners that would help me out. What I need is:

1. Links! I will have a baby boutique blog for you to add to your blogroll, and would be happy to add your link to my new blogroll as well.

2. Mentions! Would you be willing to tell your visitors about my boutique when it opens? Maybe you'd like to take a stroll around the store and then write up a review of the offerings there.

3. Emails! Maybe you'd be willing to let your friends and online contacts know when the baby boutique opens. You can just send 'em a link and tell them a little about it.

Keep checking in here to find out about the progress, or you can email me at supermomshealth (at) hotmail (dot) com if you have any questions.


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Mimi said...

I'd be happy to add a link.