Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today's Health Food Ups and Downs, plus The Hot Date Update!

Today's quest for health had me making bread sticks, 2 different kinds of crackers, some bread, and a raw food rendition of pecan cinnamon rolls.

The bread sticks could more descriptively be called Dog Log Breadsticks. Needless to say, we won't be serving them again. Just the looks of them is enough to ruin one's appetite.

The Pecan Pie Cinnamon Rolls use sprouted wheat for the dough, and turned out quite good. Everyone around here is clamoring for more.

I enjoyed an excellent lunch of guacamole spread on some flat bread that I made yesterday. Very, very yummy. Something that we will continue to have around here, I'd say.

One of the crackers I made today was a big hit with my daughter. So, now I have added those to her feeding repertoire, along with the pecan pie cinnamon rolls and the uncorn chips from yesterday. She is 8 years old and has a very narrow selection of foods she will eat. To add three new foods to her regime in 24 hours is Huge.

But, anyhow, enough about that. I realized that I never got to tell you about my Hot Date with the hubby.

First the babysitter was running late (by an hour) so we ended up eating at home.

Then, when we got to the movie theater we found that it had started 20 minutes earlier than the web site had told us it would.....and we were already 15 minutes late for *that.* So, no movie.

So, what are 2 wild and crazy thirtysomethings to do in a small city with not many choices???

I know!

Go to Goodwill to bargain hunt!

Yes, I'm serious. Because, you know, I am a big believer in "anything can be fun if you make it fun."

So, we found a pair of shoes and a pair of boots for the kids, saving ourselves over $30.

Then we went to Applebee's where there was a 50 minute wait. So we left.

Then we went to Cracker Barrel where there was a 50 minute wait. So we left.

And from there, where else could we go, but.....



First, the produce section to stock up on all those lovely veggies to juice at home. Then a walk past the food processors to check those out. Our big snack was some healthy veggie and fruit juice, which we guzzled down while we rented a movie and headed home.

I know it sounds pretty pathetic. But, you know, the company was good. :) My husband was a great encouragement to me about some mental gymnastics I had been doing about my various ideas, goals, and interests. He got me all fixed up and moving in the right direction again, which was mighty nice. And of course, any time we can get some talk time in without being interrupted by the children, we are thrilled.

The movie we rented was Saved. For those of you who don't know, it stars Mandy Moore and Jena Malone as students at a Christian high school. They both did a great job in their roles, but Jena's character Mary (the main character) was portrayed wonderfully. My other favorite character was Patrick (played by Patrick Fugit), who is sort of a Jesus symbol in the movie. This character portrays unwavering friendship, and unconditional love and acceptance, while not changing his own personal standards for living.

I really, really liked this movie for several reasons. For one, it pokes some good-natured fun at Christians who live their lives within a totally Christian bubble. There was the Christian school, Christian activities, Christian music, Christian vanity plate, Christian meetings and committees... But my personal favorite was the Christian Home Interior Decorators Association......laughing out loud over that one.

Secondly, although the movie's comedy vehicle is an over-the-top portrayal of Christians, it addresses many valid and common questions that people have about Christianity. Things like,
"How do I know if I'm hearing God?"
"How can Christians best accept others while also being willing and able to effectively share their faith?"
"Even if the Bible seems black-and-white about something, what do we do about all the people and situations that cannot or do not fit into this mold? Does God still love them? Does God still accept them? How are Christians to respond to them?"

The movie is big on the questions, but doesn't offer much for answers. Which I think is valid, because, heck, I've been a Christian for 19 years and I don't have many or any of those answers. If anything, the more I think about the questions, the fewer answers I seem to come up with. Or at least, the answers I come up with are a lot less hard core than they might have been years ago.

In short, Saved is an intelligent and humorous look at faith, friendship, and big questions. I'm so glad I saw it.

So, kids, this wraps up another edition of Boring Stuff To Tell You Today. Tune in next time for more!

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Dolly - I got here from VeryMom. I must have all the recipes you mentioned to VeryMom and the ones you've mentioned on your blog in the last little while!

Also, how do you like your dh being a fireman? My dh is trying to do that. I would never choose that dangerous of a job, but it's perfect for him.

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