Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Water Fight!

These photos are from our vacation. My 10 year old rec'd some water guns for his birthday, so his ultra cool uncle and aunt helped put them to use.

Here is my baby brother, the rock star. Try not to drool, ladies. He's taken.
Two young'uns ganging up on their unk.....
Don't worry--he'll get revenge!

I love the way both of their backs are curved in this one:

Now Aunt Tess is getting into the scene. (She's a rock star, too.)

She bends over to fill her gun, and some little hooligan decides to take advantage of the situation by squiring her in the keister.... (Who taught him such things?!)

"Tee hee!"

She'll get her revenge too...

And finally, they turn against each other:

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CheapSale said...

Great United Family! Arh i feel jealous.Enjoy your life!