Sunday, June 01, 2008

Glasgow Highland Games 2008

Here we are, in the car on our way to the Games. (notice I've given you the curly-hair version of my look, just to balance out recent photos) We took 7 kids (including my son's girlfriend, who has previously not allowed him to even wear his kilt in her presence. You've come a long way, baby!) + 2 adults. Par-tay!

The next photo is of my oldest son, demonstrating How Not To Sit While Wearing a Kilt. His girlfriend tried to give him some skirt-wearing pointers, but as you can see, he didn't take her advice.

The first thing I did when we got to the Games was to fall and hurt myself, thanks to a sharp difference between the pavement height and the grass next to it. Somehow, I was so skillful as to have my right foot get half on the pavement and half off of it. So my foot kind of rolled downhill, and my left knee went crashing into the cement. So here is a picture of my scraped up knee, just to prove it. (thankfully, I was wearing cropped pants that covered my knees. I am so thankful that I didn't hit the concrete with bare skin. And, extra bonus!, my new cropped pants *did not rip* which I thought was pretty great)

I got right up and kept walking. My husband has been ahead of me, as had most of the kids, so they hadn't seen what happened, although they heard me say ouch. They checked in with me and I thought I was fine, so we kept on truckin' for another few feet, and then I decided that maybe I should get some ice.

We found an ambulance so walked over to it, only to find not a single emergency services type person in sight. What a crock. We couldn't find any ice near where we were, and then we saw a pipes and drums band starting, so we just went to watch that. I toughed it out.

After that we had to go to the farthest reaches of the grounds to find The Old Man, who is the vendor with the cheapest array of wooden swords, knives, and muskets. THIS is what our boys were looking forward to more than anything.

As you can see from the next photo, they had fun selecting their weaponry just in time to take the closest hill in a battle.

The thing that I was most looking forward to was seeing NeedFire play again. We just loved this group last year and have listened to their CDs since then. Well, they did not disappoint! Such a fun group to watch on stage, and super nice to their fans off the stage. Four of our kids had t-shirts that they got signed by the band members, plus my daughter was lucky enough to get her photo taken with "Dreamy Dylan" as we like to call him. :) This kid is 18 years old and is amazing on the fiddle, as well as several other instruments. (and he sings and writes some of the music also) Cool people. Very fun to see them again.

The one and only down side to the concert was that as I sat there, I noticed my foot starting to hurt. It had hurt just a little bit after it twisted as I fell off the pavement.

I don't know if it was sitting for so long, or the amount that we walked, or just the amount of time since I fell, but the pain started intensifying and then extending all the way up my leg, almost to my hip. And that was just when I was sitting.

When I got up to walk...zowee! The pain was quite intense, and all I can say is that having birthed six babies, I do know how to breathe through pain. However, constant pain is quite a bit different than intermittent contractions with a cute baby to show for it at the end.

My husband stopped at a store on the way home to get me souvenir meds. Neosporin for the scrape, Blue goo to make my foot feel cold, and Aleve, which ended up saving the day. I could walk on my foot without too much misery by the time we got home. Yay! Thankfully, today my foot is feeling quite a bit better, although I took a lazy day to mostly stay off of it, seeing as how *tomorrow* we will be helping my husband's sister's family move into their new house, near us! They are moving here from 14 hours away.

Overall, it took a lot of energy and patience to take the kids to the Games, particularly when speaking through teeth clenched in pain. They had fun, though, and say they want to go back next year. :)

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