Friday, March 07, 2008

"I Knew It Was Coming!!!!!"

*famous quote uttered by my son, 25 minutes ago as he was hanging his head over the toilet bowl...

You know that blogging is a real lifeline for you when you've been awakened from your slumber by the sounds of splashing and splatting noises and calls from your child, only to discover the most nose-hair-burning-vomit spewing forth from your child onto the bathroom floor.....and between your gagging, and sticking your head outside the bathroom door to get somewhat-fresh gasps of air while cleaning it up, you're figuring that now that you're up you might as well turn the computer back on and blog about this magic moment.

(Now that you've listened, feel free to head back to bed. Personally, I'm feeling very, very queasy. I took one of my magic Ultra Immune pills and am hoping that nobody else here will try to top their brother's amazingly-ferocious-smelling-vomit-spewing tonite. Most especially I do not want it to be me....)

~Dollymama, 12:55am


Mimi said...

Oh poor guy. I hope he feels better and that you don't get it.

Mimley said...

Nothing worse (unless it's the uncontrollable diarrhea at the same time as the vile vomiting). My empathy!