Saturday, March 29, 2008


A little Jack Johnson playlist for you all today, reflecting my lazy day mood.

Not that there's an absence of stuff to do. It's just that nothing is grabbing me as especially urgent. I've looked at my remaining items on the To Do list that I started two days ago and none of them seem like they need to be done right now.

The kids are on spring break for the next week. I am looking forward to sleeping in every day.

Just in case you wanted to know, my butt muscles are mighty sore today, thanks to doing a Leslie Sansone walking video for the last two days. I have heard about these for awhile and finally decided to give one a try. It's really fun, easy to follow, etc. Between getting off my keister and watching what I'm eating, I've lost about 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Yay! I'm going to get some more of her stuff on Netflix and try to keep it going. She has a ton of videos, with workouts ranging from 1 to 5 miles. I don't really enjoy exercise, but have been hoping I could find something that I could like enough to look forward to getting it done. For this week, at least, this is the thing.

On today's Wish List of things to get done:

do the walking video at least once (did it!)

juice a bunch of the organic spinach and lettuces and make into a smoothie with banana, apple, and strawberries (did this too)

do some reading just for fun (if I can remember how) (yep)

take a shower (yep)

take a nap (doesn't look like it's happening)

Do you think I can manage that? I sure do need a low-key day and am looking forward to this. bye!

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SiouxsieQ said...

Wow!~ A day where you don't have to bust your buns? Nice! Have a good one.