Friday, March 21, 2008


Just got home from visiting my kindergartener and first grader during their Easter parties at school. I am always horrified at the amount of sugary junk that is given to the children during these parties. Unlike the first grade teacher that had a very sensible party that included vanilla ice cream and a few topping choices, the kindy class had frosted cupcakes (both large and mini sized), frosted cookies, peeps in various colors, SODA, doritos, cheese puffs, plus a ton of candy. Thanks to one generous and misled father, my kindergartener came home with ---no joke-- about 4 pounds of candy. This man and his wife and their little kindergarten-aged daughter are all obese. Apparently he doesn't know that candy might just help create that problem. yikes.

In fun stuff, I got to teach my daughter how to shave her legs today! Growing up around here, I tell ya.

And, the same daughter also won a local art contest, so she now has an entire basket filled with seasonal goodies as well. Thankfully, it's not all candy.

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