Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wacky Wednesday

Well, the highlight for today was trekking to the Big City which is about 45 minutes from our small town. We went to get a family picture taken. For those of you who have ever taken small kids to get pictures taken, you know that just the picking out of outfits, getting there, filling out forms, and then trying to get the kids to cooperate is *quite* an ordeal. So, multiply that for 6 kids, a long drive, and no a/c in the van, and you've got the idea.

The photographer decided that what we most needed was a FUN pose, which meant that hubby was kind of laying on his side, I was laying in front of him to the opposite angle, and kids were packed in all around and upon us laying this way and that sort of like the JCPenney Portrait Studio version of Twister. She wasted 5 of our photos trying to get a good one of us in this terrible predicament. Then we got a few individuals, another family shot (this one a normal pose), and a pose of just me and the hubby since we haven't had one of those taken in over 13 years.

Sadly, when we got to see the shots, the Twister pictures just looked messy and seemed to always feature at least one person looking grumpy or looking away (amazingly I did not look pained despite the terrible position I was trying to maintain--I just looked FAT). The normal pose family picture was GREAT *except* for the one kid who was looking off to the side in a weird way. Hubby had been very excited about getting these pictures done since it's been 4 years and 2 kids ago since we have a family photo done. So, sadly, we were not happy with any of the family photos, so tomorrow we get to GO BACK AGAIN and do it all over again. Happy happy joy joy!

After seeing my FAT face in the pictures I am feeling quite FAT. I proposed that we just settle for a nice picture of the kids and leave us big folks (emphasis on Big) out of it. I don't really want to give out pictures of us to all our relatives that rarely see us and have me and my fat face on display for all their visitors to see. Hubby's having none of it, though, and told me to act my age. I told him that women of all ages are concerned about their appearance, but that didn't seem to help my case at all.

So do you know of any ways to make my face look less fat by tomorrow at 3 pm???

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